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Liquid Nation has gone dry and rumours are all wet

Westway Trust dispels Tesco's rumours on Ladbroke Grove. 

Following suggestions that a Tesco's was to take over where Liquid Nation operated until a couple of weeks ago, we inquired the Westway Trust on the truth behind it. The commercial unit in question is  161-165 on the Ladbroke Grove, close to the tube station. Following the Liquid's closure, unattributed notices where put on its entrance claiming that the Trust had sold it to Tesco's. 

We wrote to the Westway Trust to find out more. This is what they had to say:

In response to your recent email about the bar on Ladbroke Grove, we have seen the notices put up on the gates over the weekend, and we rolled around with laughter at the fertile imagination of the author. If Tesco had ever heard of the site, I expect they would be laughing too.  It is a complete fantasy . We have never even spoken to Tesco, or any of their rivals.
The building forms part of our commercial property portfolio, the rents from which are the major source of funding for the Trust's charitable and community programmes , which last year we subsidised to the tune of £1.65m
The operation previously renting this unit  closed presumably because it was uneconomic. It had a long recent history of being closed for periods of time. The Trust didn't shut it down . I expect we  will be marketing  the unit for re-letting in due course, but in the short term we will more likely be using it ourselves as a short-term community resource .At this stage we have no notion who any new long term tenants might be, as we have yet to appoint letting agents. The planning consent is class A3 , which means it is most likely to be re-let as a bar, restaurant or shop. I would very much doubt that it is big enough to attract a major supermarket.
Don't believe all you read, especially from unattributed fly posters
Martyn Freeman Chief executive
Westway Development Trust
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