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We have a new Website!

It's been a while but we have done it now. We transferred the whole site to a more recent version. It will allow us to do different things.

We know we’ve been offline for a bit but we had to. In the process we managed to move all of the database to a more recent version of the software, keeping all the articles ID’s the same as before. Same for Events and Venues under listings, SBS and the Local Business Directory. One casualty however: we had the ability to conduct Surveys in a fairly sophisticated way, now that is gone (maybe we’ll have another similar option in the future).

The site appearance hasn’t change. What has changed is its backend. However the new system embraces many web developments and will allow us to work on specific content to be presented in a very different way. We hope to do that, but equally we need help from you, so if you are a developer and want to contribute, please let us know. Equally, we need writers to cover the many areas of our site (see top menu for articles to see areas we cover).

So cheer up – we’re back!

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Listings is still present on the site promoting local events, many of which with home grown talent. We list 152 local venues and have listed over 2000 events.

We’ve also published related content such as reviews of exhibitions, performances and many more. You can find them in Music, Arts, Review and Preview, and in People & Places.

You can send your review too - go to contacts to send yours.

You can list a local event too, but you have to register too. Also make sure to search for your venue as it is likely to be in the database already.

Did you know that you can download all of our listings to your calendar? Go here to see the note at the end of the events list.


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That's local band Pink Cigar playing at a KTF gig

You can find Pink Cigar here.
About us
The Source Mag is a local online independent mag for Kensal Green, Kensal Rise, Queens Park and North Kensington. We are looking to go into print soon funded through a crowdfunding initiative. The site will remain a key part of the project.

Our content focuses on local Listings, and articles on Arts, Music and Politics but we also publish about relevant issues of our time in Society, Culture and Politics.

Our emphasis is with the readership. We publish content that no other local outlet would. We have been involved with several local campaigns and we are not shy of putting our views across. We can be irreverent but we are serious.

We have published over 90 authors, from unknown locals to George Monbiot (Guardian, BBC) and others.

The geography of our project targets parts of Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Brent and a bit of Hammersmith and Fulham but this may change as the project grows.


We have published
Want to get involved?
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Writers Interns


Writers Interns

Politics and Urban Planning

Other ways to get involved

You can get involved by sending us something you have written that you think it is relevant and suits the outlook of this project. It may be something with a local emphasis, or not.


What’s happening around you and your neighborhood? Is there something you want to share with others? Is there something that affects your community? Or enhances it? Send us your views.

We want to cover more of what is going around the area: from bands to comedy nights, film and club nights. If you are out and about and feel you can spare some of your time to send us a review, then do it. If you’d like to interview bands and musicians also get in touch. If you are into arts and would like to interview or write about local artists, please get in touch too.
Or maybe you want to write of an experience you had in your life that was an eye opener – share it with us.
If you are more into politics and have a journalistic mind, we would love to hear from you – there are a few things to cover. Same if you are into urban planning.

We’re open to a range of different content and it doesn’t have to have a local emphasis. It can be something that reflects our time and that we can all learn from. It can reflect politics but equally it can be something about a journey you made, or a state of mind. Try us.


Any suggestions? Let us know.

Get in touch with your suggestions or contributions

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Leon Löwent…

Leon Löwentraut at the The Muse Gallery

Never too early to become a full fledged artist ...

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Pink Cigar …

Pink Cigar video release

 Local down’n’dirty rock’n’roll outfit Pink Ciga...

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Gaz’s Rocki…

Gaz’s Rockin Blues 35th Anniversary Spectacular

Gaz’s Rockin Blues 35th Anniversary Spectacular ...

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Interactive Video Art at The Dissenters Gallery Catacombs

On Saturday 4 July, 11-5pm, a chance to see the ...

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&quot;Exposed&quot; a Solo Show by Louis-Nicholas Darbon

 Coming up Thursday- June 4th -  at the Graffik ...

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Artists For…

Artists For Nepal – local benefit gig for Nepal

 Thursday May 21st at the Elgin with music, film...

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RED ALERT by Maximilian Wiedemann

West Bank last exhibition at the current buildin...

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A solo show…

A solo show of fresh works by Tim Fowler

  Coming up on April 2nd at the WestBank Galler...

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Darren Berr…

Darren Berry’s &quot;The Crocodile of Old Kang Pow&quot;

No crocodile tears here  - An unfinished opera p...

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A much needed music, arts and performance festiv...

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