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Ant the Rant - Couch Potato

From Ant the Rant -  bringing poetical satire to the satellite masses, misfits, pissed modernists and the i-groan generation.
Are you a Couch Potato? Are you becoming one? Or do you know one? Ant the Rant gets on the case with his poem 'Couch Potato'.
 He’s a couch potato, always mashed
On the sofa, always crashed
Covered in crisps and cigarette ash
Wondering where his life has flashed
Growing fatter, sinking fast

Ant the Rant - Colostomy del Mar

Colostomy del Mar - First salvo by poet extraordinaire Ant the Rant 
It’s 2035 AD and a time of consternation
For the greying wrinkled remnants of the acid generation
The ghost of Faust is in the house and it’s time to pay the bills
For selling our soul to the mixing bowl
Of Class A’s and dodgy pill's

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