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A single fleeting moment by nadia nervo.


A single fleeting moment by nadia nervo.
Thu, 5. March 2015, 12.00 h - Sun, 22. March 2015, 18.00 h
Muse At 269 - London
Arts, Galleries & Exhibitions


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Muse At 269 - Website
London W11 1LR
W11 1LR
United Kingdom


269 Portobello Rd
London, W11 1LR
020 77928588


The Muse at 269 was established to support arts in the community and narrow the divide between university and the professional world. We are essentially a combination of commercial and creative environments in an arranged marriage designed to alleviate the constraints faced by emerging artists. As with all arranged marriages there is a period of unpredictable acquainting we are pleased is behind us with amicable resolve. With divorce dismissed, although children have yet to be mentioned, we are proud to be in our sixth year of service in 2009.

With a successful balance of commercial (restaurant/bar) and creative (gallery/studio) achieved, mutual consistency between those aspects has supplied artists, customers and clients with a unique service and theatrical environment in which to enjoy it. Throughout 2008-09 drawing room events has provided excellent food and beverage to enhance the gallery environment and visiting artists and residents have benefited from our limited commission policy generating up to 85% of sales without exception. We hope to continue improving that figure and continue creating real opportunity for immerging Artists committed to continuing their work as professionals.

We look forward to many more years working along side the ‘Drawing room’ at No. 269 on Portobello Road and expect to see you in the near future to sample their delectable menu in our magical gallery.

Damian Rayne
Director for & on behalf of

‘The Muse at 269 Ltd’ 

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