I don't do rants. But,

...it's a rant!

I don't do rants. But, I'm making an exception. CYCLISTS listen the f**k up!!! 

Riding around at this time of year at 10pm, dressed in all black Lycra (day-glow beading stripes ain't any good by the way), is a bloody display if idiotic behaviour! Yes!...You do have a rear light. But! It is covered by your f*****g bag or it is a tiny little pinprick of a light that would only work with new batteries. Doh!!! Further more; try and get this...How would I feel if I squashed you so your face triples in width?

Wise up! Lights lights lights lights lights!! Stop being really Dim and selfish. I do not want to kill you!! (Unless you have a silly long explorers beard, ankle swinging trousers and a bike with no brakes that is fixed in one gear). 

If I drove my car at night with no lights, everyone would mug me off, even though it was only because I forgot to turn them on. Some really silly arses don't just forget, they set off fully aware that they don't even have any lights. Be as green or as fit as you like, but make sure the rest of us can f*****g see you before it is too late. 

I don't want you on My conscience! 

Just saying like x

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