KTF's gig review

By Hugh Nott
Review on the KTF benefit gig for Shelter, featuring lots of local established and up and coming talent. Check it out! 
Nial McGuigan
Here's a folk rocker with a real talent for the stage, someone who should be a star on the radio, he's a born entertainer, with an eye for great lyrics, remember his name, you saw him here first.

 The Graphic
A band with punchy flair and serious attitude, without their drummer we had another vibe,  the mellower tones of Laurence singing seriously lyrical tunes. A great talent.
 The Graphics

The Steve Dior Band
And, well, what can one say in face of the sound of Steve letting rip with the cords that cocked the Pistols, and made Sid reach for his stash. Sid a schoolboy from Princess Frederica's school Kensal Green, was a friend and colleague, he would have enjoyed this, but he lived too fast died too young. How Steve survives who knows, but don’t' doubt it he's a legend and a serious music connoisseurs treat.
 Steve Dior
The Trellicks
When Piers Thompson turns to me and says,. "Joseph has got it, he's a real rock n roller!" I know, with a quick glance at the mesmerized audience, he has it in his hand right there, with the band tight as you like, Dylan sharp as nails mashing the drums, rolls dips, banging bass, a rollercoaster ride, what a band, full on rock hero moments, the crowd air guitaring in unison to Josephs, smashing Morrison meets Morrisey guerning, meant fun had by all.
 Joseph Dean-Osgood from The Trellicks

The Egg
Band of the night, who else transfixes a whole room. Who I ask makes us all one, from many One. (Thanks Clay!)  Who else can make
Martin Seville, (The man from Del Monte says Yes!), from the Asian Dub Foundation, jump up and sing, rap and lay it down about all sorts of radical. But must be said, totally now issues, Nuclear War from North Korea, to Homeless in London, even the madness in Syria! 
The Egg, started somewhat eerily, unusually moody, (the Video projector refused to play along ) and, here in the centre of Harlesden, their vibes seemed to reflect the previously barren warehouse, the white impersonal walls, now adorned and dripping with Lightening Rod's oil projections not withstanding there was a depth and palpable feeling of unease, cords tensing and twisting, accumulating this torpor, increasing, reflecting and revealing this unseen energy, I wondered where this intensity would be released, almost, doubting the genius that is The Egg, and then, as if rehearsed, Martin was suddenly there. Here is a man with a plan, someone to tell it like it is;  with his huge vocal range and the Twins right behind him, here was the cure for the darkness, now we could breathe again, the band, encouraging depth and beauty, luring us into the vast albumen of the space all around us, also on stage a superb ladysinger, (whos name escapes me.. Joao..) giving us all a tremendous journey, up above the gnarly worldliness, transporting us to heavenly delights, the night merged into a choral, almost religious trance, I looked about, there we all were, smitten.     Oh what a night, Ben Cullum (who will be Djing next gig we hope..) jumping in on Bass, and a jam session with out a doubt beyond all our wildernesses, a homecoming, the port of shelter from our raging seas, a banquet of flavors enjoyed bay all, The Egg totally embellished the night, we all felt it, a core shiver of joy, a telepathic understanding shared by all, of the beauty of it all.
 The Egg
DJ Paul Johnson, playing uplifting house, once again, superb, in this weather everyone needs to be uplifted!, he's a well known DJ on the Ibiza VIP circuit, nothing better after a night out in Space or Pasha, Ibiza underground or whatever, to get back to a party that really lifts the spirit. Pj always grabs the crowd and moves them; it's a pleasure to be in the same zone.
Our friend Justin Rushmore was also on the cards to play but due to the overly long changeovers, had to hit the night train, so we went into
Dj Guya
Guy totally rocked the floor with a housey Ska set with a bit of old school trumpet and Spanish guitar that played to the crowd and got the whole house jumping, dancing, skanking and shrieking! Set of the night a memorable moment, everyone (bar the Bouncer) dancing!
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