London film premiere of Henry Bateman's ICELAND: Future of Hope

ICELAND: Future of Hope

Tipping Point Film Fund is again bringing their ambitious programme to West London.

Next TPFF Film Club, Monday 6th Feb at Lexi Cinema, London Premiere of Henry Bateman's ICELAND: Future of Hope with post film discussion exploring the many themes in the film, not least how to turn the financial crisis into an opportunity and how to extend equitable solutions on a global scale... Guest speakers London Green Party candidate and author Dr Shahrar Ali and Director of Share The World's Resources, writer and campaigner Rajesh Makwana.

Film: ICELAND: Future of Hope 

How can we shift a society’s values and vision after a banking collapse while simultaneously advocating a global green economy? Join the first London screening of Henry Bateson’s beautiful new ‘Iceland’ film and post-film discussion with author and Green Party candidate Dr.Shahrar Ali and Rajesh Makwana, Director of Share the World’s Resources, an advocacy NGO with UN consultative status.

‘…the general consensus among those interviewed is that it (the financial crash) presents an opportunity totransform an entire society. The philosophy of sustainable living has to underpin everything we do, economics included.’ Cristina Galvin, Irish Times

The Film

Henry Bateman’s film takes us from the origins of the Icelandic financial crash, through to the present day, exploring the consequences and the solutions.  His engaging cast of characters explain the levels of indebtedness  upon which the Icelandic economy grew to depend;  the impact on the entire population when the bubble burst; and the urgent need for new thinking if they – and by extension, us -  are to create a more equitable, sustainable economy for all.

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Cinematically stunning, the film captures the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of  Iceland - from the midnight sun to dark winters lit only by the snow, from geysers to volcanoes, and it features a specially commissioned soundtrack comprising brand new compositions  from artists such as Damien Rice. Future of Hope is journey of struggle, determination and most importantly, as the title says, hope as it clearly explains the country’s past, explores its present, and predicts a progressive future for a new and sustainable Iceland

Post Film Discussion

Explore the various themes in the film, not least how to turn the financial crisis into an opportunity and how to extend equitable solutions on a global scale will be:

Dr Shahrar Ali - officer of London Green Party and their former Policy Coordinator 2004-09.  His PhD in Philosophy from UCL  looked at lying and deception, with specific reference to public life. He entered Green politics after working as a researcher in the European Parliament on the risks of GM food. He has lived in Brent for ten years, has campaigned for sustainable solutions, such as transition towns; is the author of the bestseller Why Vote Green; and is a candidate in the 2012 London Assembly election.


Rajesh Makwana, director of Share The World’s Resources (STWR), a London-based organisation campaigning for international economic sharing – a more equitable distribution of financial and natural resources within and between nations. He has written articles on key development issues such as poverty, inequality and climate change, and previously worked in the private sector before formally establishing STWR as an advocacy organisation with consultative status at the United Nations.

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