Salon London - Grand Sensual

Salon London - Grand Sensual
“Chocolate..?! what a shame it is not a sin!”, said a dame when chocolate was first savoured in the French Court. Now at the London Salon, the multi-talented Juliet Russell is bringing you the Grand Sensual event where this paradox will be put to the test... this plus more on November 3rd. 

November sees Salon taking a train to Grand Sensual. For your delectation we have Sara Jayne Staines OBE, known by her first name in the finest chocolate houses in the capital. She is an expert in chocolate from its dark history to the three hundred different notes found in the cocoa bean confectionery, from cherry to orange to cloves and tobacco.Sara will be teaching us about taste of the most sensual kind, taking us through a structured chocolate tasting, and leading us through sweet, sour, salt and bitter, in pursuit of the ultimate taste; umami, the elusive fifth taste. Does it exist?Are you sensual enough to taste it?

Contemporary art dominates the city in the months of October and November as the fairs and the galleries use the darkening evenings to draw you out of the parks and into the galleries. But much as you want to indulge your artistic sensibilities, and build your collection, is this the best way to do it? Andy Marsh who created and teaches the Collecting Contemporary Art at St Martin’s College of Art will explain how the world works and how you work with it to collect art you love, and all for less than a hundred pounds.

And the final speaker on our night at Grand Sensual is Simone Niles, singer, voice and performance coach, who has worked with Eddy Grant, Third World, Jeremy Healy and Richard Hawley. Especially for Salon, Simone will use her expertise in performance coaching and NLP to show us how we can heighten our senses, so we learn to get so much more out of the world about us, making every day of a grand sensual day. 
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