Elvis in da hood!

Elvis in da Hood
What the heck??? ... it's the King checking out the latest tunes at Rough Trade!

No... wait... it looks like Elvis, dresses like Elvis, sings like Elvis... it's Suspiciously Elvis who performs from his early hits through to the Vegas years and has been defined as Britain’s finest tribute to The King. 
Described as “one of the UK's most popular and accredited Elvis dedication artists, Ivor Potter captures like none other the spirit and good humour of the legend himself, dazzling audiences with his powerful renditions from Brighton on the south coast, to the Edinburgh Festival where he received a four star review”...and to celebrate their 10th anniversary and the start of their new tour, Suspiciously Elvis will be performing this coming Friday at The Tabernacle. 

If all the raving reviews and outfits are anything to go by, expect A little less conversation, and a little more action. Featuring hits like Hound Dog, Burning Love, Suspicious Minds, Hurt and An American Trilogy, the Suspiciously Elvis show appeals to all walks of Elvis and rock & roll fans alike.
Expect the proper rock'n'roll swing in full regalia, style, feathers and lots of fun. We are looking forward to it. 
If in doubt, check the video below:


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