Rumer was in town

 By Tristan Hazell

Rumer at the Tabernacle

There was a buzz about the Tabernacle last Tuesday; Rumer was in town. There's a buzz about Rumer at the moment; A new album released, endorsements from such heavyweights as Burt Bacharach and Jools Holland and a following of enthusiastic fans.

Rumer at the Tabernacle
Once on stage there was an air of nerviness about the singer, who, dressed simply in black, wearing shoes worthy of a second glance, launched straight into her set. It was not until a little bit of banter with her pianist put her more at ease and allowed some interaction with the audience.  Her own songs are lovely; lyrical and gentle, she has a sweet voice to carry them and her lyrics poignant enough to actually want to listen to. Her new single "Aretha" was beautiful; I'd been listening to it enough at home beforehand to recognise it with a smile.

Rumer at the Tabernacle
It is so refreshing to have a British artist who is happy enough to eschew the trendy Americanisation of female singers as well as avoiding sensationalism. We shall hear a great deal more from Rumer.

Rumer at the TabernacleThe Tabernacle has put on its winter coat of charm; the building itself enjoys the attention of lights (Rumers name was playing about the facade and courtyard as I arrived) and the bar/restaurant is a welcome refuge from the winter.  Arriving early there was time for a meal beforehand before moving upstairs to the show.

All in all a lovely, comfortable evening full of joy.
Article written by Tristan Hazell and first published on his blog Pre-Pentimento

Photographs courtesy of the Tabernacle General Manager, Christopher Scholey

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