Queen Creole, tight corsets and The King

If like me, you’ve grown tired of seeing Elvis impersonators... trying to conform to some kind of image that never existed... & you’ve dreaded the thought of seeing yet another awful singer in an ill-fitting jump suit, degrading themselves and Elvis’ legacy.... then trust me... you HAVE to see Cheyne Pride & her Queen Creole show. She will restore your faith & love for the music!

Not quite knowing what to expect, I went along to London’s Charlotte Street Blues club...
I guessed that this was going to be an Elvis show with a difference as I’d never heard a woman singing his songs before..... Would it work? Would she be able to do justice to the songs we all know so well.... & more importantly would she be able to emulate the onstage presence, humour, tenderness & raw sex appeal that Elvis exuded in his performances?
I needn’t have worried..... It soon became clear that the answer to all these questions was a definite YES!

Cheyne came on stage looking magnificent in her tight corset and launched straight into Elvis’ 1950’s songs, backed by a top rockin’ band.. I’d never seen anything like it.
This was pure rock’n’roll..... being performed the way it should be, the way Elvis had intended. I knew it was going to be a fun night.
The band was soon joined on stage by two backing singers.... whom I don’t think anyone could accuse of being shy.... & everything was now in place for the full Elvis show.
In the 2nd half we were treated to an array of songs from Elvis' later years. All the favourites were there, along with one or two lesser known ones... and a couple of surprises. The audience were by now, dancing & joining in with every tune!

As a die-hard Elvis fan, I have to say that this was the best Elvis tribute show I’ve seen.
Cheyne had managed to capture the essence of Elvis mannerisms and style without ever once trying to poke fun at the way he did things. It was obvious from the start that she was in love with him and everything about him & I think Elvis would have loved her too.... he did have an eye for the ladies!

This show was unlike any other. I’m so glad I went. It was a fantastic performance from a truly great band.
Queen Creole is an Elvis tribute, truly fit for The King!
 Queen Creole will be performing at the Inn on the Green on the 22nd. Look related listing here.
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