Leach on Society Comedy Club Review

 by James Mitchell
So here it is, the first review of a comedy outing for The Source. 
If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you’ve just discovered The Source as your new local on-line rag and are checking out what the local events are like. So here it is, the first review of a comedy outing for The Source. 

There’s no reason as to why I chose ‘Leach on Society Comedy club’ at The Paradise on Kilburn Lane other than it’s almost my local (my actual local being The Regent, which must be anything up to 20 meters closer). It's a fortnightly event  that has been running since January, founded and run by Jeff Leach. Launching any sort of regular comedy event is no small task as the attendance of your next show very much depends on the quality of the last. So often, one turns up at a local comedy event to a thin audience made up of performers’ friends, so it was great to see a filled room of about 50 paying folk. 

Jeff Leach, who assured me when we met that he was also a television presenter, hosts every one of his shows, using them as an opportunity to hone his own stand up skills. He does have great stage presence, just keeping on the right side of boundless energy without being like a Haribo fuelled child, although he does sail close to the wind sometimes. He engages the audience very quickly and everyone seemed to be onside and enjoying themselves pretty swiftly. 

First up were double act Phil Gilbert & Jacob Edwards, a slick duo who opened their performance with a wonderfully timed and performed musical piece that set the scene for their joyously awkward characters, Jacob regularly hitting home with his painful Partridge-esq persona. 

These two were followed up by Paul Sweeny who rightfully acknowledged that he does indeed look like a 1970’s pre-op transsexual French Jesus. He excels in a rare performance talent; consistently giving a dead pan delivery of really good, well constructed stories. His calm balanced the high energy of our host for the evening and the audience delighted in his guitar based musical finale. 

The half time lull was dispatched with Jeff the Host returning to stage with a series of very personal and energetic stories that I suspect will become his trademark. I felt that David Whitney, the third act, struggled to get into the rhythm of things after Jeff’s female ejaculation extravaganza. Witney undoubtedly had the best lines of the evening, but they all seemed to fall on deaf ears, which is a shame as he’s got some great material. I’d like to see him again as I enjoyed his astute, cutting style that seemed to miss the mark that evening. 

The evening was wrapped up by Brett Goldstein. The calibre of a performer can often be judged by the way they deal with a heckle and from the outset, Brett handled the brewing of the storm and the inevitable tempest (over a very good and not remotely offensive joke, by the way) very well. Brett judged the tone perfectly, returning fire with charitable reposts, the offender eventually leaving Goldstien to finish his set. 

With tickets only £3 when booked in advance, I think this is a great value comedy night that, if it can continue to bring in not only such consistent levels of talent but the audiences to match, may well be come a long term and recognised event on the comedy circuit. The Paradise, and the Kensal area in general, are better off for it and it should definitely be considered by those who are planning a local trip out during the week. 
The ‘Leach on Society Comedy club’  runs on the 1st and 3rd wednesday of every month  at the Paradise.
Next event is listed here.  
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