James Simmins on Acousticity

James Simmins on Accousticity

We asked James Simmins about this night at the Eagle. It turns out that tonight is maybe the last time Accousticity is  taking place there as the pub has been bought again. Still, for tonight expect the likes of rock&rollers Steve Dior, The Loves and many others.

 Source - What is Acousticity?

James Simmins - Acousticity is an acoustically-themed live music night, showcasing some of London's finest acts. It has been running on alternate Thursday evenings at The Eagle Ladbroke Grove since 21st of August this year.

In a relatively short run, we have featured a plethora of great acts including The Loves , Delphi Newman, Alan Wass, Rosie Holloway, JC Carroll, Joseph Dean-Osgood, Adam Masterson, Dr Bob, Charlie Gardner and Hey Zeus amongst many others.

Hosted by myself - James Simmins of Loco Promotions -  in association with Fired Up, Jono Willis and Portobello Music, Acousticity aims to provide a platform for great local performers to play in their own area, as well as other acts from further afield.

Source - What's happening at The Eagle?

James Simmins - Since undergoing a complete refurbishment, this once slightly ramshackle pub has managed to successfully reinvent itself as a reasonably priced gastropub with a friendly atmosphere that, being located close to the Portobello Rd and Ladbroke Grove tube, has become a favourite with many locals.

Due to an upcoming change of ownership, tonight's show may be the last at The Eagle, although I guess we'll know shortly whether we're staying put or maybe transposing to another local venue.

Source - What's Happening Tonight?

James Simmins - Seeing as it's such a special show tonight, we have a top-notch selection of acts performing. These include:

Steve Dior and Friends

Steve is one of the few musicians around who has played with all of the members of The Sex Pistols AND The New York Dolls, as well as writing and performing with many other musical luminaries of note. Like a fine wine, Steve has matured into a world-class songwriter whilst retaining his reputation as a compelling live performer.

steve dior

The Loves

The Loves are fronted by local singer-songwriter Michael Cahill, with internationally renowned musicians Chester Kamen on guitar and Sam Harley on bass. Expect vibey and hypnotic songs with a rocking intensity, sometimes reminiscent of the early Velvets. 

Delphi Newman

Delphi is a consumate songwriter with a superbly smoky voice. A local favourite, Delphi will, as usual, be supported by Jono Willis on Bass and Benni Ray Hurcules and guitar.

Rosie Holloway

This young singer-guitarist has a voice that combines stunning clarity with heart-stopping delivery. An unmissably melodic and compelling performer.

Rosie Holloway

Alan Wass

Having worked with the likes of Pete Docherty, Alan's music contains hints of Van Morrison and The Stones, as well as more contemporary influences. A powerful vocalist and good guitarist to boot, his set will definitely be worth checking out!


A regular weekend performer at Acklam Village, Dino and his band featuring Conrad Blakemore on guitar and Martin French on Drums/Percussion bring you soulful tunes that rock!

Electrics Unplugged

The Electrics are regulars at the 12 Bar Club where they perform great original numbers in an inimitably rocking and sometimes Pulp Fictionesque style. 

Gary Legair

Gary writes and performs in a soulful and articulate style that showcases both his accomplished guitar skills and melodic vocal style.

Plus, of course, special guests!!!


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