The Cigars Are Out

By OJ Jennings
Bluesy glam punk Notting Hill 4-piece, Pink Cigar, launched anticipated debut album ‘We’re Gonna Get You Out Of Here’ (Sawn Off Records) with a wild performance at a packed Camden Black Heart last Monday.
Berlin, to where they decamped post-early phase, clearly added spike and swagger via fresh delights and rights of passage on that odyssey – all four looked mean, fit and delicious as ‘unlocked’ daughters present would doubtless testify.
Album highlights include favourites like Generation Next, a spunk and mayhem power chord bludgeon plus the seedy Lady Killer alongside a batch of killer new tracks like London Town Blues and Dreaming of Love.
The ‘Cigar’ take their lead from the best, yet make that music their own.  Crucially, this album’s personality and sonic impact matches the fervor of their fledgling flock who pogo, headbang, air guitar, mosh, crowd surf and sing along throughout the set. Westway to the world?...join in (again) at Notting Hill Arts Club, November 27th.
Pink Cigar are:  Sharkie Cottrell (vocals), Edd Whyte (guitar), Sam Rutland (bass), Sid Mayall (drums). 
Pink Cigar is: an euphemism for….ahem, use your imagination…
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