The creative questionnaire 1: Prita Grealy

By Wills Morgan
 Prita Grealy - Photo by Rachel Ward

Wills Morgan does a short interview with Prita Grealy who will be playing this Sunday at the Earl Of Portobello.

(Wills Morgan - WM) Who Are you? 
Prita Grealy -  I'm an independent singer-songwriter touring the world! I create new music with live loops, harmonies, acoustic guitar and beat-box, 'Hip-Soul-Folk'.

Prita Grealy by  Rachel Ward
(WM) Why are you here? 
Prita Grealy - To uplift, elevate, connect and inspire through songs and music. And to have a gooooood time [:)] 

(WM) Where have you come from?
Prita Grealy - My name comes from India (my parents were hippies), I grew up in Australia and I now live in Europe pursuing my dreams and following my passion which is music, and travelling

(WM) Where are you going to? 
Prita Grealy - To as many places as my adventure takes me to! I am writing this from Denmark where I just played at a beautiful songwriter festival called 'Melodica', and am on my way back to Berlin today then Germany, England, Australia! whoo hoo! loving it!!

(WM) Why do you sing
Prita Grealy - Because birds sing. When it is part of who you are - who are you not to share your voice?
Prita singing 'Get out of your own way' with loop pedal, beat-box and vocal harmonies. An accapella loop pedal live vocal and beat layering. 

(WM) Thank you Pritta
 Prita Grealy - Thanks Wills Morgan. You rock in a soul kinda way
See her this Sunday at the Earl  of Portobello:  Open Mike with Prita Grealy 

 Prita Grealy web links: 



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