Blasted Mechanism release new video ahead of their UK tour


Blasted Mechanism present their new video ahead of their UK tour where they will be playing Glastonbury and at the Westbourne Studios in West London (28th&29th June).

The video is amazingly simple and yet very effective. Conceptually conceived and directed by Valdjiu who is one of the project co-founders, the video is the result of experiences on sound and movement. The 'characters', figures in constant metamophorsis, resemble XII century harlequin dancers. In reality, they are generated through the interaction between a liquid and the sound of the track “Blast Your Mind”. Accordng to Valdjiu, this is "the supreme power of Sound,and after I conducted these experiences with this liquid, I have no doubts that Sound is at the basis of all creation."


"To make this video we put a liquid on top of a 15” speaker where we played the frequencies of the new single 'Blast your mind'. From then on it was a surprise to see that the party was taking place on top of the speaker. I learnt a lot about the creation of the universe and the power of Sound. ' “Blast Your Mind” is a result of samples of folk music including bagpipes, and the flute. These instruments send us over to an hipnotic atmosphere that always existed in traditional music.... the pre-disposition to reach a state of transe through music. "


Blast your mind - You can see the video here


Plus the 'Are you ready' video posted on this site before. 


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Blasted Mechanism MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/blastedmechanism

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