Mayhem Running



DJ Iddle, DJ PJ, Ned and Maff, plus an excelent sax player jam away on the afterparty 

(Pictures by Rob Jarvis coming soon to this site)

 By Hugh


MAYHEM Running order:

8pm: dj Piers Thompson played some fab tunes.. and got a dance frenzy going early on..

8.30 pm: James Fitzgerald Jazz Trio warmed up the crowd, big cheer hope they go far..

9.15 pm: Portasonic - Grant up there with the usual crowd of beautiful ladies looking on!

9.45 pm: Delphi& Odran:Local heroes, Odran making complex guitar rythms look easy, deep and cutting with that lady Delphi singing them blues                  

11 pm: Big Linda Unmissable we all loved them, they are a west London favourite nowadays

12 midnight: Stuff - After the Big Linda it looked hard to follow them, but Jerry is a master of chilled dancey trancy slide guitar and with Ned and Maff ( aprez Zygote) this is an excellent band. We may also say “we shared the same cell once!”

1 am:  DJPj ( as star of the Sancho P sound system ) he knows how to get the crowd dancing a real pro..

The after party was also superb.

Photos are on the net..


Stage engineers: 

Harvey Birrell: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rupert: 079590268872


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