Here's my proposal. What’s yours?

Tristan Hazell proposal for Portobello Green


Local resident Tristan Hazell has plans for the proposed site of Portobello Village.

Tristan has come up with this one below. It’s a simple and effective way to get the conversation going. Why shouldn’t we come up with some ideas? Get together with your mates, partner, children and let’s get the creative juices flowing. Persuade architects and illustrators to join in. Let’s get students involved so they come up with an intervention study as part of their coursework.

What would yours be like? Let your imagination run and come up with your design. What should the market look like under the Westway and canopy? All ideas welcome, from scribbles to professional designs. Download the image below to get going.


Look at what other markets across the UK and Europe. Look as far afield as the Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon to the HighLine in New York.

Download this image

What makes it work? What is their appeal? How is that translated in space? How do you think it could be improved without losing its character and appeal?


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