Cheer up! A new and more expensive supermarket opened up on the Portobello Rd

Same, same, same... 


Yes, there it is again. A day doesn’t go by without another supermarket opening up. They are clogging the area up. Sainsbury’s has now 3 supermarkets within walking distance from each other. Tesco’s is catching up. 

Supermarkets are useful and convenient, but when they start popping up everywhere, they become a nuisance. 

This behaviour by these large companies is nothing short of a disease. It’s as if they suffer from an Attention Seeking Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, willing to impose their presence everywhere, convinced we need them in every street corner. We don’t.

When we first wrote about this we asked readers to answer a survey regarding supermarkets in the area. 57 people responded but not all answered all the questions. Still 94.44 % replied they didn’t want another supermarket.

Question 5 of the survey asks: What would you rather see opening up in Portobello Rd - or near where you live and the same is happening?

The replies below are interesting and point clearly to independent shops. Here they are unedited: 

On question 7 “If you were given the choice what would you do with 50% of the supermarkets that exist in your area?” over 64 % of the replies chose to “close them” or “Close them and send them into deep space.... far, far away... into firmament...”

Artist impression of supermarket in space

Artist impression of a supermarket in space

Importantly, 94.44 % understand residents are not are properly consulted about these changes in their neighbourhoods and 24.56 % believe Social Networks (Facebook; Twitter, etc) could improve the communication between Planning Departments/local Councillors and residents.

Finally, on question 10 “ Anything you'd like to add?” there are 5 replies, the first of which questions the seriousness of the survey. Others however point to council rates or councils not being concerned with homogenisation of the high streets.

See unedited answers below:  


You can see the survey here and full results here

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