Westway Trust (WT) unveils Portobello Village

Portobello Village

The debate has started over the redevelopment of Portobello Green and adjacent areas.

 After its first series of consultation events on Friday 6th and Sunday 8th March 2015, the Westway trust has finally put the plans online for everyone to take a look. 

Discussion is needed. We feel that something needs to be done to address the decline of the market. If you have walked down Portobello Rd Market over the years, you’ll have notice a huge difference. We feel the Market is losing its character and strength. Of course, the WDT is not responsible for the whole of the market but certainly is for a significant part of it - any intervention needs to consider its long-term future and original character, in what is it that makes it different in the first place; and how can that difference be encouraged. 

Portobello Village

The plans unveiled by the WDT are bold. Already there’s opposition to it. One aspect of contention is the look of it. The criticism revolves around the Westfield appearance, in stark contrast with the traditional street market feel. 

Nevertheless, if nothing else, this proposal brings a much-needed debate to the fore: to articulate ways to secure its long-term existence, the interests of the traders, residents and the wider area. After all, Portobello is part of the reason why we live around here or come down here.

Portobello Village

Portobello Village

You can see the plans here

Oddly and considering the magnitude and sensibility of any intervention, the deadline to submit your feedback on the WDT site is Friday 20th March. WDT should seriously consider extending this deadline. 

Opposition to the project is also gaining momentum with an online petition to be found here

What are your feelings? 


Edited at 19:23 : "We feel the Market is loosing its character" to "We feel the Market is losing its character" 

Westway Development Trust corrected to Westway Trust


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