452 Bus makes it to the top 10

The Standard published an article on the worst London night buses. Coming in 10th place was our very own 452 route. It makes one wonder… didn’t they have researchers on the N18?

 Please note that this article has been changed: where we mentioned “N452”, we corrected to “452”. Obviously this is not a ‘Night Bus”. We left the article as we are approaching other issues, namely Night Buses as a whole. 

You may disagree but we find the results a bit questionable. The company who commissioned the study (a cab comparison and booking company) also produced some amusing spoof videos featuring long vomiting shots, food fights, marriage requests and other insights into London's cultural life through a rap battle (along with an ad in it). These videos are in a way, pretty funny. But let’s not forget that the company behind this research wants customers to use its service.  We cannot but note that they’ve singled out routes across London where they are more likely to attract business from.

For sure, “getting back home is a major undertaking’ for a lot of weekend revelers. The night buses certainly make it easier to avoid them the following morning on the pavement by your street.

Nevertheless, the research raises an important point: are night buses a nice way to return home? We’ve all done, and sometimes regretted it: piles of rubbish, fights, stinky food, not very funny piss heads, foul language and bad attitudes are all too common unfortunate realities, the sooner you’re out, the better.

No wonder then that MP’s don’t want to travel on Night Buses. The ones who really suffer are the people who are returning from work or worse even, starting an early shift. And of course, women travelling on their own are particularly vulnerable to an assorted bunch of tossers.

Yes they are cost effective, and yes, they can be fun too but Night Buses are a bit like the other side of the coin where the raw, visceral, coarse side of London is naked for everyone to see. They are the ultimate studying field trip for anyone vaguely into anthropology. It’s as if the pillars of civilization are on the verge of collapse and all the polished veneer breaks down in the face of reality.

Which begs the question: the 452? In 10th place? Why so unpopular? Who is provoking this: people coming or going?

Either way it is pretty bad.

 PS – It turns out the 228 is 6th on the list! We’re doomed!  

Top 10 worst night bus routes

 1.    262 – Stratford to Beckford

 2.    30 – Marble Arch to Hackney Wick

 3.    49 – Clapham Junction to White City

 4.    343 – New Cross Gate to Tower Bridge Road

 5.    191 – Brimsdown Station to Edmonton Green

 6.    228 – Maida Hill to Park Royal

 7.    176 – Penge to Tottenham Court Road Station

 8.    63 – Crystal Palace to King’s Cross Station

 9.    152 – Pollards Hill to New Malden

 10.  452 – Kensal Rise to Wandsworth Road

The research was conducted by Kabbee


Note - A reader pointed out that the N452 does not exist and the list refers to the 452 route that runs a service until half midnight.  Apologies for our mistake. 


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