And so IndepenDance happened

 GoaHead, PJ and Che Manics greet the crowd

The IndepenDance party at the William took a while to take off but once it did, it was a blast. 
The night started with DJ Piers Thomson keeping a cool grove going while guests settled in for a good night of social & dancing. He was followed by PJ who took the decks with energy and through in the sound  wave so familiar to many of us at the Carnival. DJ Goahead followed keeping the crowd happy and dancing. To finish off, came DJ Che Manics who grabbed the dance floor by the spirit of full on partying and dancing. Che Manics was in an inspired full party mode and we look forward to see (hear!) him again. He was joined by a sax player virtuoso (we don't know his name) who dived in and out of the sound with a brilliant sense of opportunity and melody. Michael Speechley (AKA bitpunk) did the visuals all night mixing graphics and images to full effect. 

Overall the party was great with a very good relaxed and beautiful crowd. The venue loved it too and have suggested further dates. Thanks to all for a brilliant night! Keep tuned. 
Michael Speechley Vimeo profile: http://www.vimeo.com/bitpunk
Video clip:  http://www.vimeo.com/5537244
Excellent Sax player who knowns what he's doing  
Michael Speechley doing the visuals 
DJ Che Manics spins the wheels of a happy dancing crowd. At the back is Michael doing the VJ thing
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