Incinerator in NW10? What's the problem?

Virginia Rowe  compiled a few good points as to why this is a real problem. We need to get as many people to object online at the Ealing Planning page as possible by 18th Dec, with factual reasons (Links below). It's a race against time now! 

1) Pyrolysis plants which burn gas are classed as 'incinerators' by The European Union Waste Directive. So why has the application been accepted with absolutely no mention of an incinerator. To avoid using the language and descriptions that the public widely understand is completely underhand. How can residents and local businesses be consulted on a subject that would effect them if the information is designed to deliberately mislead with smoke and mirrors, PR talk and greenwash? And why does the synopsis of the application which appears on Ealing Council's website also avoid the word 'incinerator' or even the word 'pyrolysis' which is clearly the most controversial part of the proposed plant?
2) The consultation was shambolic  - considering the amount of people who live around the proposed site, and the pollution and traffic that Brent and Ealing would suffer as a result, why were so few residents and businesses informed? Nobody had any idea of this plan apart from a tiny few! those who were consulted were subjected to text and pictures designed to deliberately mislead, saying how it would benefit the local community. Lies!
3) Pollution + excessive co2 created by the waste plant, together with the pollution + co2 produced from the massive number of trucks trafficking through these residential neighbourhoods would significantly reduce air quality in the area.  This proposal should be thrown out as it directly contravenes the 3rd strategic pillar in the mayor of London's municipal waste strategy which is committed to reducing air pollution. This part of London already suffers some of the worst in the city!
4) Risk of explosion - similar sites have exploded with fatalities in Germany. This Willesden Junction site is much much too close to residential areas and complex mainline rail lines in and out of Euston (not to mention High Speed 2 if that gets approved too). There is simply not enough safety zone around the site for evacuation. How can all the local house and passing trains be successfully evacuated in case of an emergency? Not safe!
5) The developer has no valid case studies. Either they are not in residential areas, or have closed down.
6) Where is the evidence to say pyrolysis plants and their pollution are 100% safe for human health - particularly for those who live in close proximity? There is none! Neither the HPA or DEFRA can provide conclusive research.
7) Clean Power Properties Ltd is 100% owned by an offshore tax-haven company who pay no UK tax - no tax to pay for the Environment Agency or Ealing Council which legally has to monitor them. UK tax payers + local residents will have to pay for this pleasure whilst suffering spending cuts. Outrageous and immoral!
NW10 and nearby areas to avoid on a rainy day 
8) Traffic assessment is not credible. In reality there could be up to 350 stinking polluting truck journeys through family-friendly residential areas EVERY DAY, day and night for 30 years!
9) The site at Willesden Junction was deemed unsuitable by the West London Waste Plan which was drawn up in 2011 by and for Ealing, Brent and 4 other west London councils. This proposal is non-compliant with this plan.

Contact your local MP, councillors and most importantly vote NO to the NW10 incinerator on the link below. Remember to support your objection with reasons as to why you are against it i.e. pollution / truck traffic / risk of explosion / non-compliancy with Boris' Municipal Waste Strategy which is committed to reducing air pollution: http://www.pam.ealing.gov.uk/portal/servlets/PlanningComments?REFNO=PP/2012/3267

You can also contact Boris Johnson as he has ultimate say over this: : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Follow the campaign on Twitter:  @NOincineratorNO
Virginia Rowe is a creative director living and working in Kensal Rise. Follow her campaign against the proposed west London waste incinerator on twitter @NOincineratorNO 
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