Leon Löwentraut at the The Muse Gallery

Leon Löwentraut at the The Muse Gallery

Never too early to become a full fledged artist

 ‘Child Prodigy’ Leon Löwentraut is a 17 year old German artist who has become a media icon. He has been featured in the german press, Königsallee and Express, and recently on national TV and is now preparing for his first International Solo Show at The Muse Gallery & Studio.

Inspired by his mother, Leon has been painting since the age of 7, and at 11 he was offered his own room to paint in whilst attending boarding school. At 14, Leon had sold three paintings to restaurants in Düsseldorf, and by October 2013, aged 15, had his first solo show in Aying near Munich which resulted in another exhibition offer in Neubiberg. 

At the Muse Gallery until 19.07.2015

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