RED ALERT by Maximilian Wiedemann

RED ALERT by Maximilian Wiedemann at the West Bank Gallery

West Bank last exhibition at the current building... but they're going out with a bang! The Red Alert exhibition by by Maximilian Wiedemann. 

 Note - today is a guest list event only. To be on the list please email: guestlist at londonwestbank dot com 

The Show Red Alert is created as a wakeup call to remind us of the true values of love & romance in today’s society, and the giant gap between nature and the fast pace , functional lives we live.’ – Maximilian Wiedemann

On the 13th May 2015, artist Maximilian Wiedemann will feature his most recent and much anticipated exhibition – ‘Red Alert’ at The London Westbank Gallery.

This will also be the LAST EVER Westbank Gallery show at its current old-bank building location and they have chosen to go out with a BANG! Who better than tumultuous Maximilian Wiedemann making his UK come-back after two years travelling and developing his international footprint to make this explosion happen? He is fresh back from two shows in New York, two in Miami during Art Basel, one in Vienna and one in Frankfurt. 

Red Alert will feature Wiedemann’s criticism towards the current impact technology is having over society.

Wiedemann’s focus here is the lack of proximity to real nature, how money dominates our relationships and how the two most important things in our lives, money and love, work with and against each other. The noticeable shift in the way we now choose to connect with one another and our obsession with technology is creating a widespread epidemic of lacklustre human connections. Our attention to one another is no longer intimate nor unconditional in the real world, but rather neglectful, split and absent-minded. 

Fighting fire with fire, Wiedemann has picked a high-tech German studio to produce a new body of works which will incorporate all manner of LED and neon lights, laser-cut panels and other technological delicacies – creating a perfect yet ironic weapon. There will also be a few of Wiedemann’s iconic stencil & screen-print magazine covers featuring his witty slogans. However, be prepared to see a new softer side to Wiedemann’s soul shine through with Red Alert.

Meet the artist himself alongside his work at The London Westbank Gallery on the 13th May 2015. Contact the gallery to be on the guest list, details will be in the flyer.

Artist Background:

Wiedemann’s success stems from an interesting mix of skills garnered from being a graffiti artist in his youth to a ten year career in advertising. Having met Karl Lagerfeld and some of his muses such as Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Elle Macpherson and Tamara Mellon, Maximilian Wiedemann instantly became a household name. Over the years, Wiedemann has managed to collect an abundance of loyal collectors who continue to be charmed and intrigued by the message, wit and charm the artist displays in his colourful works. 
Maximilian is constantly evolving with new materials such as neon, found item sculpture, photography and film. What remains constant is his irony and incisive humour – always pointed at the vanities of the rich and beautiful, but only enough to keep them on their toes, for Wiedemann himself inhabits this world that he documents.

The recurring themes in his art range from: questioning mass consumption to the unattainable beauty ideals of high fashion, all the way through to corruption and capitalism. 

Notable Collaborations:
• Tyler Shields (Photographer) – Created canvases of photographs featuring Lindsay Lohan, Elena Satine and Alessandra Torresani.
• VH1 (American television network) – Contributed to the show ‘VH1 Divas’ with portraits of Adele, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus etc. in an advertising campaign.
• Elle Macpherson (Model/Television personality) – Painted Macpherson for the front cover of The Big Issue.
• Louise Roe (Former editor of Vogue.com/Television personality) – Painted Roe for a project during London Fashion Weekend.
• Max Wiedemann Art Factory – Teamed up with a group of investors to showcase Wiedemann’s exclusive works.


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