A solo show of fresh works by Tim Fowler


Coming up on April 2nd at the WestBank Gallery

 In Tim's words:

"I am an emerging artist with a very recognisable style. This is mainly due to my strong use of colours and combination of mediums. I mainly use acrylic but over the last few years I have become influenced by a lot of mediums used by street artists i.e. spray paint, marker pens and graffiti inks. More recently I have begun incorporating screen printing into a lot of pieces and using the same techniques to produce a series of unique prints.

I like my subject matter to contrast with my style of painting. I started out painting a lot of derelict buildings and disused factories. Lately my interests have been in portraits, primarily old actresses and models. The combination of their old fashioned iconic hair styles and clothing with my contemporary style of painting has produced some intriguing results. My approach to painting is dynamic. I work on a number of pieces at a time, therefore the same colours can be seen throughout a number of paintings. I am currently going through a 'purple phase' which has swept through my current body of work. 

Over the last year I have begun working with The London Westbank Gallery. They have a great stable of artists and being along side them has given me a huge boost of confidence in my own work. It has allowed me paint on a larger scale and really encouraged me to push my abilities. I am based in the midlands so being involved with a large influential gallery in London has opened up my work to new audience. I have a lot of exciting opportunities coming up this along side The London Westbank in 2015." 

Preview night at 6:30pm on Thursday 2nd April 2015.

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