CODE FC 25 Year Retrospective & Book Launch

Local street artist CODEFC has a book launch celebrating 25 years of graffiti activity and retrospective show - this evening at the  Graffik Gallery.

Multi-media artist F.C. , alias #codefc , graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2002 with a degree in Public Art and Design. Since then , he has been based in London , operating as Street Artist / Video Jockey / Video Artist / Painter , with projects spreading across art galleries , street art galleries , clubs and music festival internationally.


His work typically involves site-specific socio-historical commentary , evident in his global street art practice , which takes the form of travel diaries onto outdoor spaces treated as sketch-books. His influences range from art historical and graffiti references , to personal interpretations of historical occurrences , organic and natural imagery , and computer design ( his artistic persona #codefc references a hexadecimal colour code in design technologies , as well as being a word –play of his initials and his graffiti name “code” ). #codefc s recognizable signature , the replacing of faces with camcorders , constitutes a commentary on society s spectator , rather than participatory , role in urban life.

#codefc s work has been presented in , among others , galleries such as Brick Lane gallery , Apart Gallery ,Wannenes Art Auction House ( it ) , Graffik, C D Gallery, Westbank, Debut Contemporary , the Muse gallery , Other Art Fair, Mutate Britain events , music festivals including Glastonbury , the Big Chill , Secret Garden , Free Rotation , Gatecrasher , Shambala , L.P.M. ( Rome) , and clubs such as SE1 , Cargo , 93ft East , Tyssen Studios , and other clubs in England and around Europe

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Top photograph courtesy of Patricia Andrade - http://www.patriciaandradephotographer.com

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