New site!


Thats's right! Finally!


This is what we had before: 

And this is what we have now:

- Please note: this site performs better with Google Chrome - you can zoom in and out with 4 or more columns: image sample below has 5 columns. Firefox and Safari keeps the elements constrained within the window with 4 columns.

So what’s new?

This is a ‘responsive’ site – it means it re-sizes to match your screen size. So, in a large screen the content will distribute horizontally, in a small screen such as a phone, it will re-arrange itself vertically. Try it!

One key element of this migration was to keep the ID’s of the content. We managed to do that with Articles and Business Directory. The previous Listings and Venues now have new ID’s as well as the videos in SBS-TV. If you have linked to any item on the SBS-TV, you’ll have to update the link. If the link is for an article, you don’t need to do anything.

The site is now displaying more of the content available. You can check individual items, but teasers for other content are also visible.

You can register on the site using your Facebook account.

Menus have been extended. Now you can reach all sections of the site. Try the Top Menu to see the options available.

Listings are here and still a free service. If you want to list an event, please register on the site first. Also check if the venue is already listed to avoid conflicts.

Free Local Business Directory is still here too. By registering on the site, you can edit your own entry at anytime.

The SBS-TV (no less!), our own video channel is back and in working order. ID’s have changed.

We never really made any money from this site despite the adverts. This time we're trying adverts in the articles and see what happens... bear with us ;)

Known Issues:


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