A selection of Source 2011 highlights

A selection of Source 2011 highlights
Check some of the content we published this year. Changes are coming to the site as well!

Save the Kensal Rise Library!  

The Campaign starts!  

Out of fashion

We start a new area of content on your own experience...

Get in touch if you want to share yours.


Brent Council Meeting “too shambolic” 

Brent makes its attitude clear.  


Victory for the Save the Portobello campaign

Volte-face at the RBK&C

Reviewing Bank Job 

We carry on publishing about arts.    

The Corporate Welfare State

George Monbiot on the Source in the

Society, Culure and Politics section




The Hood

The Hood starts on the Source... he is missed and we want him back!

Alexia Coley & Band reviewed by James Simmins

James Simmins confirms himself as the in house music writer. ALexia went on to get further recognition and prizes. 

£5 for legal fight against Brent Council

Campaigners mount legal challenge 

On the mini looting spree that hit Portobello area as the troubles escalated around London

The looting comes to our shores... 


We're back!

We come back from digital oblivion! We are looking forward to 2012 and bring new life to the site! 

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