We're back!

We've been away but now we're back!

We had to face a few digital gremlins but nothing could have made us think it would take so long to fix it. But we did. A special thanks to the people behind the we love festivals website who helped us to come back from digital oblivion. 

here to stay! 

For those who have been joining us on facebook, a warm welcome. For everyone else a huge thanks for staying with us. 

We are in the process of updating the listings and as usual we'll be publishing on arts, music, politics and a lot more. Keep in mind that we are open to content submitted by you. So do get in touch. 

Also a quick reminder that by registering on the site you can upload your own listings. 

We are looking at other aspects as to how this site is run and maintained. On this, if you want to advertise with us, do get in touch. We have very competitive rates and it will be far more reaching then going out to the printers and pay for the distribution. 

We are back and here to stay. Tell your mates about us! 


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