Introducing The Hood

Introducing The Hood

Coming soon to this site, cartoons by The Hood, created in moments between planning the decline of civilisation.

Who is The Hood?... you may ask.. well we are no closer to offer you much of an explanation. However we did establish contact with his representative on earth and this is what we've been told:

'From a pagoda in the vicinity of Qal`eh-ye Tabriz emerges visual imagery: its creator a man about whom little is known. A man not given to public utterances. His history has been a quest to drive the unimaginative, the infidels and the non-believers from the earth. Many have tried to destroy him, but he continues to spit defiance upon you all. And do cartoons. Thus, what you will see are things he has created in moments between planning the decline of civilisation.'

Brace yourselves for his unadulterated humour and digital artistry! We like him and we believe you will like him too!

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