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Talk Show: The Musical

by Wills Morgan
THE LIST: Edinburgh Festivals 2002 issue, with self as Man of Diaper  We were every bit as big as DEREVO, the St. Petersburg theatrical ensemble: as big as ROSS NOBLE and OMID DJALILLI: as big as THE DIVINE COMEDY.  No. We were better than that. JS: TO was always a show with a life of its own. It had brilliant, well trained singing actors/acting singers. It had tiunes. It had a TV talk show host getting shot. Best of all: it had a big black man in a nappy singing about how he'd like to soin his Calvinss with an interetingly brown substance.  The audience went wild for it. Every day.

It had trash talk performed by opera singers . It had a musical score which boasted some some actual tunes. It had a whole first act and a bit of a second act. And it had a big black man in a clean white nappy. This is the story of how JERRY SPRINGER: THE OPERA became the hit show a decade ago last week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Peter Pan Comedown

Written by LeggZ

After fifteen minutes of concentrating on a colourful, shiny shelf of the latest self-help editions I’ve come to one solid conclusion. There is nothing that can prepare you for the swerve balls that life occasionally launches at you and it’s necessary to be able to apply metaphorical Savlon at an alarming rate.

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